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How Do We Help?

We are the benchmark for IT support & solutions. When developing or redesigning information technology infrastructure, our team of experts will ensure, during all stages, that our client enjoys tailor-made services for their business with the latest standards in IT solutions. We also stay on the lookout for the latest search engine updates and the latest marketing trends to keep you on top of the competition.

With PREDATEX, you will receive:

 Personalized service

 An optimized website

 Affordable service

 IT solutions that reflect your brand

Our experts know that an IT solution is not only to have a presence on the web but also to offer a return on investment. Indeed, too few IT solutions & support companies offer continuous after-sales follow-up. Our team will continue to support your brand after finishing it to maximize your return on investment.

Adopting new technological developments in a rapidly changing market can be difficult for today s SMEs. To face the challenges of tomorrow, PREDATEX offers first-class assistance at all levels of the connected enterprise.



The guaranteed success of your IT projects with PREDATEX

To ensure the success of your IT project, trust a real expert. With many years of experience, PREDATEX assures you of high-quality services that meet your requirements and in line with your budget. Request a quote now! We will send you the most satisfactory answer as soon as possible.


Our Awesome Approach

PREDATEX team ensures that during all stages of the IT solutions & support is done, taking into account the utmost interest of our client; hence, we consider the following:

We Listen to Your Needs:

Our IT solutions & support begins with listening to our customer objectives without excluding comprehensive discussion about the marketing plan. During this meeting, we also talk about the best IT solution that can enhance our customer goals and objectives.

Detailed Design:

After developing the specifications of the project s general structure, we get to the heart of the matter with its detailed design in several sub-stages: breakdown and costing, planning, and constitution of the project team.

 Project Development:

The achievement is the heart of the project, which comes after its rigorous design, following the specifications.

Testing and Integration:

Then, the execution of unit tests will make it possible to ensure that the programming is of quality by verifying that each module or sub-assembly of the IT solution conforms to specifications. Several types of tests will be carried out to meet our client goals and objectives.

Presentation of models:

Our team will present different models to you, and you will choose one of them for us to complete.


We will complete the model you have chosen, and we will make the requested changes

Are You Ready to Get the Best IT Solutions & Support for Your Project?

PREDATEX got you covered, don t hesitate to contact us and discover the perfect package for your project.

Who We Are

PREDATEX LTD provides topnotch IT solution & support; with extensive years of experience, it relies on a simple policy: Customer satisfaction and a real close relationship

In 20 years, the IT world has changed a lot, just like customer service, and unfortunately not always in a good way!

Indeed, the imperatives of results, the obligations towards the shareholders, the economic situation have not only rendered services to companies, but that also generated some unfortunate side effects.

At PREDATEX, you know your interlocutor, we will take the time to understand your wishes and do everything to help you in most of your IT projects.

With PREDATEX, you have projects, and we have the solutions.

PREDATEX is an IT company, system integrator, service provider, developer, and supplier of hardware and software; thus, we provide complex IT services. We specialize in the creation, implementation, and maintenance of IT infrastructure for small and medium-sized businesses.

PREDATEX was founded by a group of young professionals with long and extensive experience in various information and communication technologies. United by the common goal of providing an impeccable quality service that allows our clients to focus on priority areas of their business and promote the development of information technologies, their implementation, and dissemination of use, including information technology and innovation in business.

Our Mission

To provide impeccable quality services that allow our clients to focus on their business priorities and promote the development of information technologies.


Who Are Our Customers?

PREDATEX s clientele consists of professionals from the industrial and service sectors, small and medium-sized businesses. Trust us; we are aware of the various changes taking place in consumer attitudes and habits and to which they must adapt to succeed.


Why Choose Us?

Get Expert Help:

We have gathered within our IT experts who will support you in the realization of your IT projects. We will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be, as long as it concerns digital communication.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

We offer you the best guide you could need to help you better assess your goals and expectations. Based on your needs, we then assess all the possibilities that can be implemented to meet them in the most relevant and efficient way possible.

Design & Creation:

Expert in website creation, we are also a developer of mobile applications and IT solutions. PREDATEX is also a specialist in graphic design and networks. We can take care of any work that is related to our skills.

We Care:

We love information technologies and believe that they can and should bring real benefits. Using our knowledge and experience, taking into account the characteristics of each customer. PREDATEX helps create reliable infrastructure and systems that make businesses more productive, smart, and competitive.

We Live by Information Technology:

PREDATEX is so passionate about IT and providing the relevant help that will foster customer s expectation. Our team of experts adopt the use of new, demanded technologies with their competent application in practice; this guarantees the efficiency, functionality, quality, and reliability of the implemented solutions.

PREDATEX constantly invests in improving the quality of service, expanding its expertise, and developing its employees. The company s employees are constantly improving and perfecting their professional skills, no compromises regarding the quality.

We place a special emphasis on developing new technological innovations and monitoring the best world practice, continuously improving knowledge, competencies, and quality of services.

Modern Methods:

Knowledge, experience, and the ability to think non-trivially allows us to be in trend with innovations and offer original approaches and solutions to assigned tasks. The applied solutions are based on modern service management methods and the use of proven information management systems.