The computer server room is the central element of any IT installation and a place containing highly sensitive equipment. Therefore, the intervention of professionals is required for the installation, maintenance, repair, or relocation of this IT equipment. PREDATEX technicians offer you a wide range of services to guarantee your server s optimal functioning at all times.

Server rooms and computer rooms: delicate infrastructures

The server room and the computer room are particularly delicate infrastructures in addition to being complex. Indeed, their components, namely computer equipment, cables, and connector accessories, are fragile equipment, but whose functions and performance are essential to the smooth running of the company s activities.

All the elements that form them must thus be chosen with the greatest care according to the company s needs, on the one hand, but especially according to the requirements of its trade. Finally, all the operations must be carried out by professionals confirmed in-house or by specialized service providers if you opt for the professional. To this end, PREDATEX has the appropriate methods in terms of computer server room management. By using our services, you will have the guarantee of a reliable, professional service available at all times. Our team ensures quality work while respecting industrial standards concerning the structure of your computerized space.

Why Call On a Professional?

Given the importance of the functional and performance issues of this type of infrastructure and the complexity of operations, the layout and management of a computer server room are delicate operations that would be very unwise to entrust to non-professionals. Indeed, the server constitutes one of the pillars of network performance: its availability and reliability must be maintained at their optimum level. It must, therefore, be designed and configured according to the needs of the company s activities.

This computer park must be continuously updated and checked by an expert. This verification is carried out to offer advanced equipment to the company s employees to work in optimal conditions.

Furthermore, whether it is for the layout of the room and the choice and installation of the equipment intended to cool the systems (such infrastructures being particularly energy-intensive), it is essential to respect the safety and environmental standards in force. And design solutions that can significantly reduce energy consumption. It is also recommended that you leave the management of your server room to experts once it is up and running.


Recognized by the main market players, our team of specialists has already proven itself with numerous companies operating in various sectors. Some of them have entrusted us with the entire arrangement of their computer rooms and premises for the server, while others have asked us to work on sub-assemblies.

We thus adopt our modality of interventions and our collaboration to the context and your objectives. Moreover, to ensure the work quality, we offer you personalized support during all phases of the project. In consultation with your specialists, we take care of the definition of the layout and organization of the room, the cooling solutions, the characteristics of the racks, and the copper and optical fiber cabling infrastructure. Our speakers also help you establish the capillary electrical distribution plan and determine the naming and labeling rules. Finally, you can count on our expertise to reinforce false floors, access security, and monitor solutions.

To ensure the optimization of your server room, PREDATEX is the ideal partner. We offer affordable IT asset management services. Whether it is for assistance in using software or even end-of-life recycling, our team has the know-how and the equipment to carry out these missions.

Intervention in Project Mode for More Traceability

Focusing on respecting your budget, deadlines, and the security of your information system, we have chosen to intervene in project mode. This allows us to take into account all the components in the planning and execution of the work. To do this, we set up steering and monitoring bodies, a risk prevention plan, and a supply management system.

The execution plan, the file of the executed works, and the test and acceptance book that we send allow you to monitor and control our achievements. We got you covered!