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Cloud technologies are distributed data processing technologies in which computer computing resources and powers are provided to the user as an Internet service. Renting a cloud server from PREDATEX will allow you to experience the benefits of new technologies.

The cloud server is very convenient, thanks to:

 Quickness: clients get the necessary cloud server or the number of resources in a few minutes;

 scalability that allows you to withstand heavy loads, process huge amounts of data, and elastically increase resources following the load;

 flexibility, providing an increase in infrastructure capacity without financial investments in hardware and software;

 self-service, when customers receive the necessary amount of resources along with a convenient interface for self-management;

 the ability to pay only for the consumed resources;

 availability - the cloud server is accessible from anywhere in the world where there is the Internet;

 security: the cloud environment is built based on all modern security and data protection tools.

 Reliability: The use of cluster systems built on the most modern equipment that provides colossal fault tolerance.

 Simplicity: a cloud server is fast, simple, easy to maintain, reliable, and affordable.

Why Cloud Virtual Server?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is an unlimited hosting based on dividing the resources of a dedicated server into several virtual servers, which are in no way inferior in functionality. All the advantages of a dedicated server are available to the VPS administrator, and the price is comparable to regular hosting.

Paid Hosting from PREDATEX Will Provide:

Virtual servers with high Uptime. The stability of their work is ensured by modern high-performance equipment combined into a single failover cluster.

Increased reliability of data safety due to the information distribution system and its storage simultaneously in several datacenters

High availability of services due to the possibility of separating 2 or several virtual machines with the same functionality on different nodes of the cluster

Automatic migration of virtual machines to neighboring cluster nodes in case of failure of one or more system nodes. The user can define this as a normal unscheduled power restart because the virtual machines will restart

High performance due to server virtualization based on the world s leading platform, combined with placement in a reliable datacenter, using the best modern hardware and fast fault-tolerant communication channels

We provide VPS and cloud servers for rent. We are always ready to help you choose the optimal configuration that is most suitable for solving your problems, wherever you are.